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    How to establish a tcp socket connection between PC and the sn8200




      I am working with the Sn8200 discovery wifi board. My board came with a pre-loaded softwar Following instructions from the Discover Wi-Fi Users manual V1.5, I was able to successfully establish a client-server connection between my PC and the sn8200 board. On the PC side I used the testserver.exe application from Murata. Now I am trying to do the same using my own script on the PC side but I am not able to make the connection. Is it possible to see the source code of the binary(SN8200-SNIC-UART-03-37191.bin) that has been loaded into my sn8200 board? Also, I am not able to detect my sn8200 as a com port on my windows machine? Can anybody give me some pointers for these?


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