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    R403_Traveo_V2.14.00_SRC_20171215: Clock Frequency not as Calculated

      Hello Community,

      there is an issue with the MCAL package R403_Traveo_V2.14.00_SRC_20171215 running on Traveo S6J342AFT with a Vector ASR4 stack:

      Oscillator runs on 16MHz

      ClockDomain0 selected as MCU_SOURCE_CLOCK_MAIN

      McuCpu0ClockSettings set to 16000000

      McuLcpClockSettings set to 16000000

      Therefore we expect OS Timer and Can Clock running on 16000000 and indeed we recognize cyclical messages, but not the timely distance as expected.


      For OS configuration we selected high resolution timer and 0.0000000625 seconds per tick that should result in 16MHz.

      Maybe there is an problem with the Mcu configuration?