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      I'm developing a system using a PRS component set to 17 bit.

      With 17 bit I can reach 2^17 = 131071 combination.


      I have no problems regard the decoding (my system read a code of 17 bit and decode by means of PRS the combination).

      I need a firmware routine that generate the 131071 combination because I have to print the entire combination on an external support (that my system have to read).


      Could you provide a generic firmware routine that generate the 17 bit sequence as PRS component ("generic" because I have to provide the routine to my supplier that using a standard MCU and not a sOC)?


      Thanks and regards

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          Normally LFSR is used to generate psuedo random sequence generator.


          If your requirement is to go through all the 2^17 combinations, a simple counter output might do the job.


          If you want to generate a random sequence, same logic can be replicated in firmware.


          For a 10 bit random sequence generator


          for(i=0; i<11; i++) b[i] = 1<<i;


          Then pick a primitive polynomial (x^10 + x^3 + 1 is an example)


          Start with a seed for x, say


          x = 0x8;


          rotate x to the left, and copy the exclusive or of bits 10, 3 and 0 into

          bit 0:


          y1 = (b[10] & x) ? 1 : 0;

          y2 = (b[3] & x) ? 1 : 0;

          y3 = (b[0] & x) ? 1 : 0;

          x = x << 1 | (y1 ^ y2 ^ y3);

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            Thank you!






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