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    Upgrade firmware on CYBT-353027




      I have integrated a CYBT-353027 (CYW2706) on my PCB and I'm communicating with it it using a HCI UART link.

      I'm developing a driver to bring it up and to copy the firmware on its flash.

      I'm following the instruction described in the pdf  WICED HCI UART Control Protocol (Doc. No.: 002-16618 Rev. *A).

      At the beginning of my implementation I could send the HCI commands to reset, set the baud rate, download the mini driver, write ram, read ram (flash). But after writing a wrong buffer at the base address 0xFF000000, the module doesn't respond anymore to the set baud rate command, download minidirver command and read ram command, I can only reset and write into ram.

      Then I have finished my driver and manage to send the content of the hex file as expected, with the write address offsets but the module is still not responding to the previous command as it use to do it before and the firmware doesn't start after sending the launch ram command with a start address of 0xffffff.


      Can anybody tell me how to recover from this state? As anyone seen this before?


      Thank you