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    CySysFlashWriteRow(...) while UART TX


      Good morning,

      I am using a CY8CKIT-149 PSoC 4100S Plus Prototyping Kit and I have a problem in UART transmitting with while the Flash is writing a row.

      I have attached a simple project. When the UART receive the 'r' char, it transmits the sequence "12345678" and immediately write the last row of the flash with the CySysFlashWriteRow function.

      If I connect to the device with a Serial Terminal, when I send the 'r' char I receive a sequence different from "12345678": different chars and different size.

      However, if I wait for the end of the transmission of the UART before writing the flash everything works properly.

      I do not understand why the UART TX and the Flash write row interfere.