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    Problem programming Psoc5


      I am having an irritating problem with my design. I am using 12 GPIO pins in front of a 12 channel analog multiplexer. I am using 3 of the pins that have a 1.0uF capacitor

      on the (P0-2,P0-3,P0-4) and using the remaining buffered pin P3.2 as a bypass for the Delta Sigma Reference. The remaining pins (P0-0, P0-1,P1-6,P1-7,P1-5,P0-5,

      P0-6,P0-7,P3-0) I have placed a 1.0uF external capacitor to ground (through a common ground wire). When the common wire is grounded I can not program the Psoc5. If I remove the ground wire I can program the Psoc. I am probably using a dedicated pin and slowing it down with the capacitor but I can not find it. The schematic of the

      on board programmer and target show that these pins are not used for programming or debugging. With the ground wire grounded I can still 'break into a running

      system' but I cannot really use the debugger since it always tries to download an image and I get the db.0023 error unable to reacquire device error.