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    How to multiplex in PSoC6?


      Now I use PSoC6 to connect other board by UART. The board only has four lines, namely, Vcc, GND, Rx(GPIO) and Tx(GPIO). The board uses Tx as GPIO to wake up PSoC6. Meanwhile, the board use Rx as GPIO to be waken up. The board is from other company, I cannot modify.


      The PSoC6 is in deep sleep in order for low power consumption. UART interrupt cannot wake up PSoC6 from deep sleep. Thus, I wish to multiplex PSoC6.


      I use pins of P9[0] and P9[1].


      In general, P9[0] is configed as GPIO input. Then, the board can wake up PSoC6 by GPIO interrupt from deep sleep. After waked up, P9[0] need to configed as UART Rx so as to receive from the board.


      When need to transmit to the board, P9[1] is configed as GPIO outpout to wake up the board. Then, P9[1] need to be configed as UART Tx so as to transmit to the board.


      I want to know whether this case is feasible? How to achieve the goal?


      Your timely support would be highly appreciated!