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    Failed to rebuild tool chain in WICED Smart SDK 2.2.0

      I tried to re-build the tool chain in WICED Smart SDK 2.2.0 but failed finally.

      Below is the details.

      1, Go to directory at \Tools\source\ARM_GNU

      2, According to the instruction in README.TXT I

      2.1) installed MinGW and necessary components

      2.2) Downloaded all needed source code and place under directory \download.

      3, Open MinGW shell and type command "xx-build-all.sh".

      4, The build process seems to be successful from "01-build-expat.sh" to "07-build-newlib.sh".

      I also can see the output file "#-ready.txt" (#=01, 02, ..., 07).

      5, But build process stopped when building "08-build-gcc.sh".

      Below is the error log.

      My questions:

      Question #1: How to solve this issue?

      Question #2: If the build succeed finally, can i replace the old tool chain files under directory \Tools\ARM_GNU with the newly generated files?

      In fact, my purpose is try to re-build the tool chain with new version of newlib (e.g. 2.2.0) which may have a good support for soft float point math ^_^

      thanks a lot.