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    Anybody know why PSoC creator cannot connect to a device, while PSoc programmer has no problem?

      HI All


      After yesterdays problems I retried my board design again, with a different result! (so much for Einstein :-) ).


      So with PSoC Programmer using Mini Prog3 rev B the device can be found and programmed (not convinced correctly, but it says it has done it!) while PSoC Creator will not upen a debug session, or program the device, saying: "Warning: dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device!"

      Anyone got any suggestions as to what is going on?


      I am getting really fed up with this type of problem every time I do a PSoC device these days even when I have used the device in previous designs, as in this case! Is it just me or are Cypress over reaching themselves?