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    WICED Studio 6.2.1 macOS SDK Installation Incomplete


      Hi. I've tried to install WICED Studio 6.2.1 on the current macOS. However, the 43xxx_Wi-Fi folder only contains the arm-eabi toolchain, but nothing else.


      Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 23.35.34.png

      In 6.1, here has been way more, like apps, doc, include, libraries, platforms...Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 23.35.23.png

      Any ideas?




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          Hello Matthias,


          I am assuming you have followed all the instructions mentioned in WICED-Studio-6.1.0 (OSX) . Even after this, if you are receiving this error please share the log stored inside your metadata folder. This kind of issue mostly occurs due to running the installer from the zip file itself and not extracting it to a separate folder along with the .eml file.

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            Thanks for the reply. In fact, I didn't read the installation instructions (it's an installer, so it should work just by double-clicking it) and didn't move the installer around or un-quarantine it. Following the described procedure it works. Thanks again.


            Siding with other reports in the forum, and asides from the issue with the manual fix, the Installer seems to be rather complex (it puts files somewhere, then unpacks an .7z, which becomes a .tar, and then a shell script gets created and executed.) and insecure. E.g. I bet it would be trivial to overwrite one of the shell scripts before they get executed (a classical read-after-write exploit) and together with the password request later to install driver, gain full system control.


            Please consider getting rid of the shell scripts or using a different installer creater and/or just use Apple's command line tools to create the installers. (or just provide .zip archives of the SDK for people that prefer Makefiles)


            Thanks agan.

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