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    Debugging PSOC5 hangs on first press of F10


      I have project for the PSoC5 that involves a bootloader that loads the firmware file from an SD card, and I'm having trouble with Debugging.


      Yesterday, I started running into an issue, that PSoC creator cannot debug the firmware.  It starts debugging, but once I press F10 or F5, nothing happens; the debug buttons grey out except for the stop button, and the board becomes unresponsive (the firmware doesn't run).  Without the debugging, the firmware runs normally.


      I have read that this might be related to system interrupts, but disabling interrupts before hitting F10/F5 has no effect.


      Components include an UART for a Rs232 port, USBFS, emFile, Bootloader, and EEPROM.


      Chris VanBrederode