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    Memory Resources of CYBT-343026 for instruction/data area




      I'm using CYBT-343026 and tried to build and program handsfree program.


      CYBT-343026 has 512KB external flash and also 848KB of ROM memory inside CYW20706.


      If I did not change something of make file;

      Q1: Which ROM area will be used for program instruction area?

             External Flash(512KB)? or internal ROM memory(848KB)?


      Q2: How can I see how much memory use the program of ROM/RAM?

             And, how can I see how much memory is stil free?

            The customer will have a plan to enhance program ,such as adding profile.

             In such case, the customer would like to know memory usage and free memory area for each application.



      Q3: Is there any way to change memory boot area from internal memory to external flash or something?

             If possible, I think we should change make file or setting of WICED Studio. Please tell me the way how to change it.


      Thank you.