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    Using both spim and uart?

      Hi. I'm trying to add a second I2C bus to my device so it can run 4 sensors instead of just 2.

      I also need to run SPI (for a flash chip to sample data to) and UART to get my data out of there at the end of the run.


      So to make this work, I moved my UART from an SCB-based one to the UDB-based UART 2.50.

      Unfortunately, I'm now getting

      -maximum number of macrocells exceeded (max 32, need 37)

      -maximum number of unique p-terms exceeded (max 64, need 77)

      -maximum number of status cells exceeded (max 4, needed 6)


      Does anyone have any good tips on how to scrounge the extra cells? Or has anyone successfully managed to use both a SPIM and a UDB UART in the same project?


      Otherwise, I'll either have to use a hardware I2C multiplexer or I'll have to do a full duplex, bit banged 1 Mbps UART, which may not even be possible (seeing as the TX only SW UART tops out at 115.2k). Both fairly unattractive options.