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    CY4541 not being read by EZ-PD Config Utility

      After updating firmware to the CY4541 Evaluation Board I'm no longer able to read or update the board's firmware.  Despite the Config Utility claiming there are 0 connected devices, the logs display that there's 1 USB-Serial Bridge devices found.  (I don't know how relevant the information is but the green LED1 on the board still flashes but the orange LED2 has stopped)


      I flashed slightly edited default CYPD4225 code from PSoC Creator 3.3.  I didn't overwrite over any pre-existing pin functionality other than the MUX_CTRL Serial communication lines, and I think the problem is derived from an error early in my main() function.


      Based off the supplied information, what error or broken functionality would have caused this problem, and how can I flash default or fixed firmware to the board despite it not communicating with the Config Utility?


      Thanks for the help!