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    USB go Wireless

      We use an analyer device which communicates with PC via cy7c68013a (USB 2.0). We wish to use this analyer device on a mobile production line so it should work wireless in a 5-6 meters range. I wonder if there is a suitable succeeding chip for wireless application?





      Hardware Side :

      Device has an FPGA and an ARM based Microcontroller. I think I2C is used because cy7c68013a has I2C interface.


      Software Side :

      Data stream is 40 Mbps.

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          We have both WiFi & BT solutions, based on the data rate needed and the interface (Parallel / I2C / SPI / UART) supported by your Analyzer we could suggest a better solution. Some more details could be helpful.

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            I edit my post to add some details. Is it really possible to communicate with the device without re-programming the other ICs?

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              Can you confirm that the CY7C6813A was interfaced over I2C. Typically this device is interfaced over a Slave FIFO or a similar Parallel interface, to get the max USB throughput.


              If its using I2C, then you can use a BLE (CYW20706 / CYW20719) or WiFi (CYW43907) solution. All the part numbers mentioned have an I2C Master/ Slave interface built in. You can write your application to in these parts to replicate the I2C interface you have on your current design.  Without changing your FPGA + ARM MCU code.

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