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      We are giving Vid= 12V on reset pin of S29JL032J to make it unprotected mode for programming.

      Did Vid=12V really required for programming or can I keep always 3.3V

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          Hello Gursewak,


          The WP# function is enabled at VIL and the ACC operation is enabled at 12.0V(min)


          Connecting the WP#/ACC pin to VID = 12.0V enables the Accelerated Program Operation.

          (WP# function remains disabled @ 12.0V)


          Therefore, please connect the WP#/ACC pin to ~3.3V, which the Write Protect (WP#) still

          remains disabled, as well as the Accelerated Program Operation (ACC) which is also disabled.


          Hope this helps...



          Best regards,


          Cypress Applications Support

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            Thanks Albert for your response.

            We are giving Vid=12V to the Reset# Pin of the S29JL032J during Programming to make it unprotected mode first as mentioned in the datasheet. We have below two queries.


            1. Is really Vid=12V required on Reset# for Programming



            2. Can I do the program the flash without Vid =12.