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    FM4 HSSPI on mb9bf16xk


      Hi everyone


      I'm using an mb9bf164kpmc and want to interface an ADC.


      It's required to use SPI with CPOL = 0 and CPHA = 1.


      I got the SPI running with MFS_CSIO on channel 6 (MFS6), but there seems to be no way to set CPHA = 1 (Data latched on rising edge and read on falling edge).


      So i looked into the HSSPI module, but there is no base address defines for my microcontroller in the mb9bf16xk.h file (there was also no base address defined for MFS6 for some reason) and i don't have any of the GPIO initialization macros to set the Pins to HSSPI mode.


      The flash example under utilities/qspi_flash is no help at all, because the whole initialization process is not in there.



      How do i set the gpios to HSSPI mode?


      Where do i find the correct value for the pstcHsSpi (HS-SPI module instance (register start address of HS-SPI module)) parameter ?


      Where should i report errors found in the PDL?


      One i found is, that there is no base address defined for MFS6 for my chip, but there is one for MFS5. But MFS5 isn't available on that chip. Only 0-4 and 6 are.

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          Hello Patrick,


          Unfortunately, the 160L family does not have an HSSPI interface. If I am not mistaken all x60 devices don't have HSSPI.

          For this please have a look at the device datasheet: http://www.cypress.com/file/278416/download


          Nevertheless the MFS supports all standard SPI modes. CPOL equals inverted SCINV, CPHA equals inverted SPI bit.

          So for the required CPOL = 0 and CPHA = 1, you have to set SCINV = 1 and CPHA = 0.


          I will forward the bug internally to get it addressed.

          In case there are further bugs I would suggest to create a new community post as this will probably help other customers facing the same issue, too.


          Kind regards,