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    puart_control : Definition of errCode


      Dear Sir,

         puart_control is very demo to show up the opeartion of WICED and MCU.

         And it also bring lot of question for me.

         I check the my_l2cap_data_handler, but I cannot find any errCode detail define.


         Could you give me a help to explain the detail define of errCode ?




      #define ERRCODE_TIMEOUT xxxx


      Best Regards,

      Rush Chen


      void my_l2cap_data_handler(LEL2CAP_HDR *l2capHdr)
          LEATT_PDU_HDR   *p_gatt_msg = (LEATT_PDU_HDR*) (l2capHdr + 1);
          int             opcode = (LEATT_OPCODE_MASK & p_gatt_msg->attrCode);
          UINT16    con_handle = emconinfo_getConnHandle();
          UINT32    con_index  = con_handle - RMULP_CONN_HANDLE_START;

          ble_trace2("data_handle con_handle:%04x opcode:%04x", con_handle, opcode);
          // process messages not processed by the standard l2capHandler

            puart_control_send_write_completed(con_handle, p_rsp->errCode);