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    API parameters definition is miss.


      Dear Sir,

           We follow the puart_control and trace the source code.

           Some definition is unknown.

           One is blecon_Conn (UINT8 conn_mode, BD_ADDR peer_addr, UINT8 peer_addr_type)

           We can trace others to find out the value of conn_mode and know the meaning.

           But no information about peer_addr_type. It should be RANDOM and PUBLIC. But how about the definition of their value ?

           Another is HCIULP_ADV_PACKET_REPORT_WDATA, you can see it in puart_control_send_adv_report.

      void puart_control_send_adv_report(HCIULP_ADV_PACKET_REPORT_WDATA *evt)


              int i;


              test_puart_write(9 + evt->dataLen);     // length




           Again, how about the definition of evertType ?


      Best Regards,

      Rush Chen