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    Wiced Sense C++ Applications



      I am trying to develop a simple C++ application that will grab real time sensor data from the Wiced Sense SDK and hardware.


      I have successfully modified the HelloClient windows app to be a simple console application (without MFC).  I have verified I can grab simple device information like battery life and manufacturer/model names.


      Now what I am unsure about is how to enable notifications from the device.  Beyond that, once notifications are enabled, how do I poll for sensor data?  Do I need a callback that will hit everytime the BLE device gets data?  I am a bit lost here and since the documentation is a bit sparse, and code not well commented, I am not really sure what I should be doing from here.


      There is a function called RegisterNotification(); in the Win8Interface.cpp file, but I am not clear on how I should be using this function.


      I have tried analyzing the Android app code to see if I can figure out how its enabling notifications and live streaming sensor data, but havent found the clues I need.


      Can anyone lend a hand or point me to some documentation I might have missed?


      Thanks in advance,