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    Dynamic reconfigure of UART TX lines to GPIO and back to default UART line in 32bit GPIF connections


      Hi all,


      I have one problem in 32 bit GPIF. I am using FX3 in 32 bit GPIF mode. Since I was used 32 bit GPIF I can't use the default uart line (GPIO 48) for transmit the data. So I used SPI line (MISO line (GPIO 55)) as uart TX. For my application, I need to set SPI line (uarrt tx) initially as Pull UP (high). So I configured this by using CyU3PDeviceGpioOverride() function. But after sometime I need to use this GPIO as UART TX. Is there any possible ways to do this?.  I tried one way, Initially I configured the UART Tx (GPIO 55) as GPIO by using CyU3PDeviceGpioOverride() function and after sometime I disable that GPIO using CyU3PGpioDisable(). But it was not waorking. if any knows the answer please reply this question. Thanks in advance