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    download_apps build option not obeyed in


      I recently uprev'ed my project from wiced sdk v6.1.0.85 to v6.2.0.72.  The API changes were not a big deal, but I just noticed that the "download_apps" build option no longer properly controls for builds with


      In all the previous sdk's we've used (4.0, 4.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1), that build option would cause the build to download all the external flash components as well as the internal flash components.  So we'd typically have two build targets - one  that included "download_apps" and one that did not.  We'd use the first for initial builds to guarantee (  or clear ) the proper external flash contents, but during app debugging cycles, we'd use the second as it's much faster.


      But as of, builds from WiCED studio always download external flash components regardless of the presence of that build option in the target string.


      Searching the forums and the recent release notes (up through 6.2.1) have not provided any hints.


      Has anyone else seen this?