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    getting data from wiced smart sdk


      I am trying to use the wiced sense sensors and I have downloaded the wiced smart ide and I was able to download the wiced sense folder on the device. Also, I have tera term and I was hoping you could tell me how to make the connections and read data from the wiced sense. It is really confusing becuase I do the  wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download in the make target of the wiced smart IDE but I dont see anything in mu tera term terminal. could you please advise me?

      thank you so much

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          by default and hardware configuration, the UART traces are disabled. You can download the WICED Sense android app or iOS app to look at the sensor data, shortly there would be a windows client app released soon. More details related to enabling UART trace can be found here (WICED Sense debug with UART), this can be tried at your risk of not breaking the sense hardware.More details related to sense can be found here :WICED SENSE Kit BLOG




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            Thank you for the link but that was the link I already tried and got no results.


            maybe my question was not clear. these are the things I have set up:

            1) The wiced smart IDE 2.2

            2) I have connected the wiced sense and downloaded the wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download on the board

            3) I also have tera term

            when I looked at the link you send me it has the code :

            void wiced_sense_connection_up(void)


                //initialize the UART: here just when connection is established


                puart_print("WICED: Connected\r\n");

            to print data on tera term which already exists in the wiced_sense.c code that I have.

            so I thought I could automatically see results in the tera term but when I collect COM18(which is the wiced sense port) nothing shows.

            I have seen in some discussions that people get an array of data and thats what I am trying to get.

            Are you saying I am not able to print the data just using UART and I need to download the andriod app or ios app to get data ?

            if so could you please give me the link how to do it step by step.


            thank you very much,


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              WICED Sense Modification for Debug:

              1. After programming the WICED Sense Kit with your application you will need to remove the resistor highlighted below to add debugging using a TeraTerm Window.
              2. Caution: Remember to Re-Install the resistor to reprogram the device.