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    How to use the macro of the puart?

      Hello, this is Taka, I have a question.


      I want to use the puart interrupt and reading some documents.

      I hit a discussion of using puart interrupt


      Re: Long Data from UART


      and there are some macro in the code.


      When I wrote this code as the above discussion,


      I got an error as following.


      'Symbol 'dc_ptu_uart2_rfl_adr' could not be resolved'


      I checked "WICED Smart™ v2.1.1 - API Reference Guide" and following is in the guid.




      But there is no description of UART_REG(xxx)  , I have no idea to fix them...


      How sould I do? Do I have to do someting to use the macros?

      I just put

      #include "puart.h"

      at the top of my code.