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    CyUSB Linux Equivalent


      Hi All,


      Currently we are using an FX3 chip in our custom PCB and everything seems to work with Windows. Note we are using the CyUSB C# library to communicate with the FX3 device, and our C# application just makes calls to XferData functions for the specific endpoint. This works perfectly.


      I have looked at the linux SDK provided by cypress and it has no interface commonalities between it and Windows. The linux side of things uses lib usb but it only seems to have a general wrapper around it, not a fully functioning "driver" like the CyUSB is for Windows.


      My goal is to simply take my C# application code and use Mono on Linux to run the same code, ideally. Then i could crate a C# wrapper around any C++ CyUSB for Linux equivalent and make the interface to the driver consistent.


      The question is have i missed something and there actually is a fully tested complete driver for Linux that I can simply call like i do with the CyUSB or do i have to do the compatible linux driver plumbing on my own?