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    PSOC4 BLE is good for access control application? Which profile can be use and security problem


      Dear Communty menber,

          I have a costumer that want develop an access gate control at home using BLE for automatically open the gate when is arrive in proximity of entrace. By mean of smartphone application that will be develop to scan for BLE at gate installed and unlock the gate entrance.


      I pensonally have some difficult to suggest BLE as best solution, but anyway I would like to ask:

      1) are there some standard profile that can be used to proximity and control the access to gate?

      2) it is better a custom profile for this application?

      3) what is the "software key" to limit the access to only authorized peaple that installa mobile app and have the permission to access

      4) how pairing the use by its mobile phone and BLE at gate? Cna be the mobile phone MAC address the key permission for unlock the gate?


      Any hint and suggestion will be appreciate.


      Thank you