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    Loadcell (SC616C) Sample Project


      For a long time I was wondering how a weight scale is working.

      And when I found a miniature loadcell at Akizuki, which is one of the nerd's sanctuaries in Akihabara, I decided to play with it.


      According to the datasheet of the loadcell the output is 0.7+/-0.15mV/V for input 3.0~10.0V.

      If I run CY8CKIT-044 in 3.3V mode, the output will be around 2.3mV.

      If I connect the output directly to the ADC input, it won't show much resolution.

      So I decided to take advantage of Opamp in the PSoC 4.


      After some (lots of) try and error, I ended up following schematic.



      The result Tera Term log, the left side is direct connection from the loadcell to ADC input,

      and the right side is the data through Opamp.


      And when I pushed the loadcell the ADC value changes only 0~3,

      and value read through Opamp changed 1~1600.


      So I hope that I can conclude that the Opamp is doing its work.