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    Interface LMK03806 with psoc5lp - 32 bit SPI


      Hello all  ,

      I am trying to interface LMK03806 chip with psoc5lp ,

      This chip works with special case of SPI called uWire the only difffrence is that

      the ss line goes high at the end of the transmission according to the attached diagram ,

      further more this chip works with 32bit data length (max psoc spi is 16bit length) ,

      i have created and attached my project ,

      when i measure with scope the sclk pin going out from the spi psoc component i see something

      very wierd ,

      at the start of the TX  sclk pin start to toggle (6 mhz clk) and Never stops.

      i can even write Spi_compenent_stop()  and it stills toggles ,

      any one has any idea how to solve this issue ??