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    WPS with overlapping PBC (SDK 3.0.1; SN8000x)

      Hi @ all,


      I tested some WPS functions of the SDK. And it works fine in generell. But there are two error conditions, I don't understood. In both conditions I used the PBC mode:


      1) Hardware is configured as enrollee

      - I started two registrars at the same time

      - I started hardware as enrollee

      - WPS is detected as failed by hardware

      => That seems ok, due to error condition


      2) Hardware is configured as registrar

      - I started two enrollees at the same time

      - I started hardware as registrar

      - WPS done for one enrollee

      - WPS timed out for the other one

      => That seems to be an error. Both WPS configuration must be stopped, I think.


      Now i wonder why the overlapping in the second case was not detected. Or is this an legal opperation?

      Is there an internal signal or a flag in software, I can ask for? ATM I use the returning value of besl_wps_start()


      Thanks for helping!