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    PSoC63 BOD not guaranteed in Hibernate Mode



      in the TRM of the PSoC63 on page 130 I read the following:


      - The brownout detect (BOD) block is not available in Hibernate mode. As a result, the device does not recover from a brownout event in Hibernate mode. Do not enter Hibernate mode in applications that require brownout detection, that is, applications where the supply is not stable.


      In our application we can not guarantee a stable power source, so it is possible that the voltage drops below the the BOD voltage and then ramps up again. As it is a low power application, we must use the Hibernate mode.


      Question: What could happen if the device is in Hibernate mode and the voltage drops below BOD and rises again? Could the chip get stuck and does not recover / reboot itself? Is the only solution to add an external super visor IC to the reset pin?


      Thank you!