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    Write User Data from Bootloader

      My application has configuration data stored in Flash memory. This region is marked in the Bootloadable component (Checksum exclude section size).

      I would like to modify this data while the device is in bootloader mode, independently from updating the application.


      The data sheet for Bootloader and Bootloadable says:


      Note Do not use Bootloader commands “Send Data” and “Program Row” to update this section.


      Is there a technical reason why I should not write User data while in Bootloader mode, or is just considered bad practice?


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          It is a technical reason. If you use 'Program Row' command to update checksum exclude rows, it will return Bootloader_ERR_ROW (0x0Au) error message because this row is out of the range of bootlodable section. The 'Send Data' command must use together with dedicate package format, if your User Data package format is not compatible with that, this package is not recognized and received.