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    Reliability of sector erase on a fl512s flash memory by evaluating the E_ERR bit

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      How reliable is the evaluation of the E_ERR bit after a sector erase operation on a fl512s in terms of the data being truely erased?

      If the E_ERR bit is 0, i.e. the erase operation is successful, is it guaranteed that all bits within a sector are truely set to 1? Are there any mechanisms ensuring a successful erase operation or is the E_ERR bit simply an indicator if the erase operation could not be performed, for example if a sector is protected, but does not provide any additional information on the physical erase operation?



      To provide a little more background: We currently use a fl512s in combination with the UFFS file system and the UFFS performs a full sector check, reading back each Byte of a newly erased sector and comparing it to 0xFF to ensure the sector erase was successful. As this is running in software, checking erased sectors takes a significant amount of time which we would like to avoid. Therefore we would rarther use the E_ERR bit to determine if the secotr erase was successful if possible / reliable.


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