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      Hi, I am using the IDAC of a PSOC 4. What is the temperature drift of the current? Is it the same tolerance as the reference voltage?

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          Temperature drift of the IDAC is not normally spec present in the datasheet. Could you please let us know what you are trying to do?


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            Simplified, I am using the IDAC in combination with a resistor and an Opamp (Buffer) to generate a voltage over another variable resistor. Simultanouesly, I am measuring the current through the variable resistor to calculate the power dissipation.


            I want to keep the electrical power constant for futher regulation processes. To calculate the tolerances of this regulation, I need to know all drift parameters.


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              The drift value spec of the component is  10% (conditions -45 to 130C and 1.7V to 5.5V and across all corners). This is the worst case value and the actual device performance might be much better.

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