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    Keep web content (.html, .js) on external flash in a filesystem


      Hi guys,


      I would like to keep web content (.html, .js) of the web server on external flash in a filesystem.


      How do I do it?


      I have tried to comment the following line in the  BCM943362WCD4.mk file:



      Once built, resources content appear to be in RESOURCE_IN_FILESYSTEM:

      const resource_hnd_t resources_apps_DIR_appliance_DIR_top_web_page_top_html = { RESOURCE_IN_FILESYSTEM, 785, { .fs = { 0, "top_web_page_top.html" }}};


      Also wifi_firmware is RESOURCE_IN_FILESYSTEM.


      However the device cannot join Wi-Fi network after that.


      Not sure how to do it correctly.


      I would appreciate any help on this.