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    MiniProg3 using I2C and SWD connection in parallel?


      Hi all.


      I'm designing production in-circuit test/programming fixtures and considering to connect SWD interface together with I2C.

      The DUT (Device Under Test) uses I2C for all communication.

      So I need to use I2C from test host (PC using Python) to execute test commands.


      Since the MiniProg3 can be set up as an I2C bridge as well as a programmer, I'm considerint to wire I2C pins together with SWD pins while programming/testing.

      Did anyone out there already do this successfully?

      Could there be any adverse effects on the SWD interface while I2C communication is running?

      I'm assuming SWD interface is in "standby" mode until reset pin is pulled and SWD initialized... which means I could mix these signals.


      Any ideas are welcome!




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          The Miniprog 3 can act as an i2c bridge only on the 5 pin connector. The SWD Interface also uses the same pins as you can see under Table 3.2 Page #13 of the Miniprog 3 Guide (link: http://www.cypress.com/file/44091/download ). Which basically means that you can configure Miniprog 3 to act either as an i2c bridge or as an SWD interface and not both simultaneously.


          Now supposing you are saying you will use SWD pins from the 10 pin connector and i2c bridge interface on the 5 pin connector, still the miniprog can run only one protocol at a time and hence there is no case of mixing, but yes you can make it work as a bridge and programmer alternatively.