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    S6E2CC Kit for 144 LQFP


      I must test the S6E2CC, the 144 pin LQFP version (S6E2CC8H0AGV2000A).  I have the kit for the 176 pin LQFP (FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH).  The Kit's Flash IC is connected to pins on the 176 pin package, but those pins do not map directly to the 144 pin package (according to the S6E2CC datasheet's "Pin Descriptions").


      IC Datasheet = Document Number 002-04980 Rev.*B, pages 15-33.

      Kit schematic = fm4-176l-s6e2cc-eth.pdf


      Kit's Flash IC is connected to 176 LQFP's pins 139-144.  (These 6 pins do not map directly to the 144 LQFP, according to the datasheet.)


      I could make an adapter board if the kit IC pins mapped directly to the 144 LQFP pins.


      Is there a way to use this kit with the 144 pin LQFP?

      Or is there another kit or product that uses the 144 QFP package?




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          Hello Rick,


          We don’t have kits for LQFP144 package.


          Are you planning to use High-Speed Quad SPI for the serial flash memory? If yes, the 144 LQFP package does not have HS-QSPI. Please make use of "Package Dependent Features” table at page n:5 of the datasheet. Instead you can choose another package for this feature.


          Furthermore, if you are fine with traditional single port SPI to connect the flash memory, please make use of MFS5 (pin #93 ~ #97 for LQFP144 package) instead of the HS-QSPI.


          Best Regards,

          Geona Mary