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    Debugging WICED Sense



      Can you please help me with the steps to debug the WICED sense using the programming USB cable? I would like to see the ble_trace<n> messages in the console. At the moment when I go to Trace -> Start Debug Traces, nothing happens.


      I have seen somewhere that bleapp_trace_enable = 2 (or 1 for PUART). But when I try to define this in APPLICATION_INIT I get an error, if I redefine as UINT8 bleapp_trace_enable = 2; still no output.


      Using BLE_APP_ENABLE_TRACING_ON_PUART(); doesn't seem to help either.


      I commented out this line.

      //#define BLE_TRACE_DISABLE


      Also, a couple of separate questions.


      I have re-programmed the WICED sense using the latest MAC sdk, now it doesn't beep when connecting to the phone (iPhone 6) is this expected?


      When the device is programmed with the USB it is active but if no association happens and it's still plugged in to USB the device enters sleep mode and pushing the buttons can't make it come out, the device needs to be unplugged and the battery inserted. Is there a way to be able to debug with USB in and turn the sense back on?