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    The polarity of SENSE_INSEL bit in CSD_CONFIG register.




      We are trying to use CapSense with PSoC4000.

      ArchitectureTRM says that CMOD will be connected to AMUXBUS by clearing SENSE_INSEL bit,

      but RegisterTRM says that it will be connected with SET (0x1).

      which one is correct?


      001-89309_PSoC_4000_Family_PSoC_4_TRM_Architecture.pdf write:

      Setting the SENSE_INSEL bit in the CSD_CONFIG register to '1' enables this option.

      Clearing this bit connects CMOD to the sensing comparator using AMUXBUS A.


      001-90002_PSoC_4000_Family_PSoC_4_Registers_Technical_Reference_Manual_TRM.pdf write:

      SENSE_INSEL Selects how the Cmodcapacitor is connected to CSD modulator

      Default Value: 0

      0x0: SENSE_CHANNEL1:

      Direct connection from Cmod to CSD modulator; direct connection is called channel1

      0x1: SENSE_AMUXA:

      Cmod capacitor is connected CSD modulator through AMUXBUS-A.


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