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    bcm20737s not programmable any more

      Hi all


      I'm trying to implement my own C code to program BCM20737s through UART port.

      I've generated my appication with WICED Smart IDE that I've tested downloading it  .


      Now I'm trying to program BCM20737s from the micro of my custom board through UART port.

      To do that I'm implementing the C code following the procedure specified inside WICED HCI UART Control Protocol documentation.

      I've been able to execute every step described in the document until download minidriver procedure the deviced stopped sending response to ther commands.


      If I try to start the procedure again now the device send a response only for reset command and if I try to download the application with WICED Smart IDE now the download fail with the following message:


           Downloading application...

           ****Download failed - Press the reset button on the device and retry ****


      Can any one tell me why now BCM20737s seems to not work any more?

      What I have to do to recover the situation?


      Thanks a lot