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    Reducing size for PLC circuit

      Dear All,

      I’m developing a PLC system based on CY8CPLC10.

      I bought a couple of evaluation boards to make them communicating and everything seems to be ok.

      Now I’m designing my own board for my application, following the information that I found in the Zip file “CY3273 Board Design Files (Schematic, Layout, Gerber, BOM)” download from Cypress web site.

      My application is slightly different from the standard one: I use PLC on battery cables with voltages that may vary from 15Vdc to 150Vdc depending on the type of battery is installed on (anyway I tested the application with the evaluation boards and it works).

      Unfortunately I have not a lot of area where to put the circuits and I need to reduce the size of critical components as much as possible. So, finally, my questions are:

      • Can I substitute the 1:1 transformer with a smaller one? In the Zip file you proposed for T1 the component “Precision Components 0505-0821G”. Could you propose a smaller one or tell me the minimum requirements for this component?
      • Can I substitute C9 “Panasonic ECQ-U3A154MG” with a smaller one, considering that I don’t need to connect the application to a 230Vac line but to a 150Vdc line? Is it mandatory to use a polypropylene capacitor or can I use other technologies, like ceramic or polyester or other?

      I look forward to your kind reply.


      PS: I'm not sure I'm posting the question in the proper area, but I wasn't able to find a specifica area for PLC. In case, please let me know for future questions.