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    CY7C68013A no device in control-center after program RAM or EEPROM

      Hi all,

      I am encountering a problem with  CY7C68013A.

      Using the cyusb3.inf from driver for win7 (I am using win10) and adding custom PID/VID/Desc in .inf file, the device can be correctly recognized by windows device manager, Cypress control center and USB console. (The EEPROM is not connected by far.)

      But, when I use control center to program the firmware (from bulkloop example) file .hex/.iic to RAM/EEPROM, the programming process looks fine, but after this point, the device can be recognized by device manager with new name, but can NOT be recognized by control center or USB console. In fact, control center and USB console freeze without any response. (or it takes more than 1 min to launch, and showing no device.)


      And if I reset the 68013, control center and USB console can recover immediately, and recognize the device with the default PID/VID and device name.


      What causes this problem?


      Thanks and any help will be appreciated.