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    Replace 24 Mhz Crystal with a 24 Mhz XO to get rid of MLCCs.


      Ref:  CYW20719 Data Sheet, Page 9, Recommended 24 Mhz Oscillator Configuration.


      NOTE: The 24 Mhz crystal requires two external load capacitors.


      The MLCCs are hard to source right now.


      I want to replace the 24 Mhz crystal with an crystal oscillator with a LVCMOS output.


      A. What is the logic level that I can use to drive the XIN? Is this a 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V?


      B. What is the equivalent  circuit capacitance?  All clocks have a drive level spec, such as 15 pF, 30 pF, etc.  If using

      a clock, what is the drive level for the input?


      C.  How do I configure the clock output? Does it drive XIN or XOUT?


      D.  What do I do with the unused pin? XIN or XOUT depending on question C?


      MLCCs are extremely difficult to source.  I do not care about the added cost of an XO vs Crystal since I can not get capacitors

      anywyas.  I just need the 24 Mhz reference.