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    SPI slave sample code for 43907



      I have questions about SPI slave interface of CYW43907.


      One of my customer is using CYW43907 and it is connected to Host chip via SPI interface, SPI_1.

      The host chip is STM32F207 MCU and it is working as SPI master.

      It means that CYW43907 should be working as SPI slave.


      They tried to verify SPI interface by using snip/gspi_slave application of WICED-Studio-6.1 but SPI interface did not work.


      My questions are,

      - Does CYW43907 support SPI slave mode? (I believe the answer is yes but want to check it once again)

      - Is snip/gspi_slave the right example code for verification of SPI slave mode?

      - If not, could you please let me know which application they should use?


      Btw, what is the difference between gspi and spi?