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    img file size is different between sdk 1.3.4 and 1.3.3


      When update sdk to 1.3.4, the img file size became bigger. The fx3 project is the one from AN65974. When compiled by sdk 1.3.4, release version img file size is 132KB.


      But when compiled by sdk 1.3.3, the size of img file is 126KB. Because the size of I2C EEPROM implemented on my board is 128KB, so the img file complied by sdk 1.3.4 cann't be burned successfully.  Then why this phenomenon happened? I noticed that the date when the firmware example in AN65974 created is 2015, so the example is definitely based on an old version sdk. Maybe the reason is that the configuration of the example is outdated on the 1.3.4 sdk? If so, how can I gracefully and properly migrate the project to the 1.3.4 version sdk?