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    temperature vs access time for STK12C68-5C55M

      We are using STK12C68-5C55M @ high temperatures 150 deg C. I need relation between access times and temperature. What is teh max deviation @150 deg C. I could not find Temperature vs access time graph anywhere in cypress website/ datasheet.

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          Hi Hari,


          The operating range for the device is -55 C to 125 C as specified in the datasheet. When you are operating at 150 C it is out of the datasheet specification. We only guarantee and test the device under the datasheet conditions. We have not tested the part for 150 C so we cannot comment on this. Also as it is outside the datasheet operating specifications we cannot assure the reliability of the device as well.


          As long as you are following the datasheet range all the datasheet performance specs will be met by the device.


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