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    Looking for DirecTV IR remote decoder improvement suggestions


      Hey Folks,


      I'm working on my first real PSoC5 project (only done blinkie so far). I have a bunch of DirecTV RC65 remote controls and want to decode the IR signal in hardware. I've done this a lot with Arduino software decoder library. The RC65 in factory mode uses variable length bits for mark and space. I found this



      * According to http://www.hifi-remote.com/johnsfine/DecodeIR.html#DirecTV

      * The IRP notation for this protocol is:

      *{38k,600,msb}<1,-1|1,-2|2,-1|2,-2>(5,(5,-2,D:4,F:8,C:4,1,-50)+) {C=7*(F:2:6)+5*(F:2:4)+3*(F:2:2)+(F:2)}

      * Unlike most protocols which use a fixed length mark and a variable length or a variable length

      * mark a fixed length space, this protocol varies both the mark and the space.

      * The stream is still a series of marks and spaces but the length of either of those

      * denotes a one or zero. A length of 1200us=logical 1 and length 600us=logical 0

      * It also makes changes to the length of the header mark to devote repeat codes.

      * The first header mark should be 6000us but repeat codes should only be 3000us.



      And I'm seeing variable length 1/0's on my bench. Here's my schematic, an analyzer capture showing the IR bit stream and my debugging digital outputs. Also attached my project.




      I'm looking for suggestions and improvements to my first PSoC design.


      Thanks for your time.