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    Radio control utility for CYW43455 for ARM platform

      We are embedding a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in a commercial product and need to acquire wireless certifications for our application beyond what has already been done by the foundation itself.  In order to do this we need a low-level radio control tool that allowslow-level control of the radio (e.g. turn on/off each radio, set the transmit channel, set the modulation mode, etc).  What tool should we use for this?

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          Hi :

              got something from Raspberry introduction,  seems they already got some certifications.

          and Do you have chance to get the wl tool and instructions from raspberry directly ?   they should have duty to provide them,  you know we often have a match needed for different product .   for example if you used our Wiced product,  we provide all the needs in the wiced sdk release.   and instructions for how to do .

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