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    ADC values don't follow the inputs?


      My project has a couple of thermistors along with a few other analog values that need monitoring. All associated pins are high-Z Analog inputs with high initial drive (tried both), fed into a ADC_SAR_SEQ_P4_v2_50.
      Now, I thought this would be a slam-dunk. I followed a number of examples - most of them agreed, so I made my project look like those.


      But after starting a conversion and waiting for completion, I don't see any meaningful change in the data. I can measure voltage where the thermister comes into the board, and it is indeed changing.


      I thought perhaps I needed external terminal for the pins, but it didn't seem to matter, and other examples don't typically use it. I'm not using a hardware trigger - documentation for ADC_Start() indicates it's a substitute ( ADC_FW_TRIGGER), and ADC_IsEndConversion() seems entirely happy.


      I've uploaded an archive of the case where there are no external terminals for the pins, though that doesn't seem to matter.


      I am in a quandary - can anyone tell me what bit I have messed up?