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    Serious problems about CY8C9560A-24AXI

      Hey, Cypress ,


      I met a serious problem about  the chip CY8C9560A-24AXI ,

      When I tried to access the CY8C9560A-24AXI through my FPGA , The I2C  clock signal was really bad.

      As below,




      I powered this chip with 3.3V , and also pulled  the SCL/SDA up to 3.3V with 10Kohm   resistors.

      But when I tested the signal via oscilloscope, some of the SCL cycles couldn't reach 3.3V .

      So ,Why?



      Here is my schematic.




      I need your help , I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.


      Best wishes!



      Angelic Lea