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    如果将“CY8C4248FNI”的蓝牙协议栈设置为不支持OTA升级,可以节省多少 Flash 和 SRAM 空间?



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          Stack only – When this option is selected, the component represents only the stack portion of BLE along with a Bootloader Service. It is used to isolate the stack from the profiles. In this mode, the Profile fields are disabled and the Profiles tab configuration is non-editable.  The Stack only mode is used in the BLE OTA Upgradable Stack Example. Note This mode requires approximately 3024 additional bytes of heap memory. If there is not enough heap memory, the BLE component will not work. The Heap size property can be modified in the PSoC Creator Design-Wide Resources System Editor. See the PSoC Creator Help for more information.